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Mens Wallets

Unless you’re Prince Charles, you probably need to carry some cash and a card or two.

A leather wallet is a very personal choice as every man has a preference as to wallet style, size and colour, not to mention what they carry in their wallet – usually far too much! A wallet needs to be presentable, both to show a sense of style (not to mention pride) and to avoid embarrassment. It must also, of course, be functional.

To choose a wallet, you should decide what you actually need to carry on a daily basis and leave the rest at home. Do you really need so many credit cards, dog eared pictures, old receipts etc.?

The first thing to decide is how you’re going to use this wallet; if you wear a suit, you will need a slim and elegant breast pocket wallet so as not to spoil the cut of your jacket. Or, do you dress more casually where a billfold wallet is more suitable. Perhaps you like to carry change in your wallet so a coin wallet is the perfect choice.

If you suffer from back pain, you should avoid carrying your wallet in a back pocket, particularly if it is overstuffed; you may decide to separate your cash and your cards and carry two items; a slim card holder and a small wallet or money clip perhaps, in different pockets which also has the advantage of security; you may lose one but probably not both.

So, ditch the boring black wallet and invest in a brightly coloured one for a change which has the advantage of being easy to spot! If your traditional side is too strong, buy a black wallet with a contrasting interior colour so that you can be both conservative and bold.

David Hampton offers a wide range of luxury, high quality, handmade leather mens designer wallets in many style and colour combinations so you are sure to be able to find the perfect wallet.